AIRBNB : The Superior Alternative

The advancement in real estate both internationally and in Kenya has made the Airbnb market grow from something very small to an industry that is now thriving. In recent times we have witnessed hotels going at a loss especially when the covid-19 virus became a global pandemic. It is now evident that most people travelling

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Mombasa Food Festival

Mombasa is a holiday destination to many tourists as well as locals. This last weekend hotels and city dwellers from all over gathered at the Mombasa food festival which was held at The Mama Ngina Waterfront Park previously known as Mama Ngina drive. The event saw many food vendors from every corner of the coastal

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A Story With Utopia

Mr. Bari has lived in Mombasa all his life, in the 64 years he has been on earth he has never left his beloved Mombasa as he calls it. His morning routine starts with him waking up to the sound of the Adhan (call to prayer), he prepares himself to go to the mosque and

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Hacks when choosing an AirBnB

AirBnB’s are the new norm when it comes to choosing accommodation whether you are travelling for work or for vacation. Here are some few tips and hacks you can apply when choosing an Airbnb. 1.Due Diligence The internet can be very resourceful when conducting research especially when travelling and it can also be a hoax.

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How To Survive a Family Holiday With Teenagers!

The anticipation of a family holiday with teenagers can be daunting to say the least. It seems that overnight the dynamics of your family have changed from small children happy to go anywhere, to now holidaying with the most discerning travellers in the family – Teenagers! Relax, with careful planning it can be done and

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5 reasons to choose holiday rentals over hotel accommodation

With a plethora of great hotel and self-catering options to choose from, it’s often hard to know which to go for you when deciding on your next holiday. So what are the advantages of choosing a self catering holiday villa or apartment over a hotel break for your next stay away? We will take you

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Six ways to take a safe vacation during COVID:

For those of us wondering if it is safe to travel right now, the answer depends on many variables, namely, how you plan to do so, where you want to go, the rates of infection in your chosen destination, and your anticipated behavior once you arrive. If you do want to take a safe vacation

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Things To Do in Apartments

Create Bonds Booking an apartment for your holiday gives you a chance to stay with your family with no distractions, spend your time together, talking and sharing ideas, go out and have some fun, visit animal parks, go swimming and alot of other activities. Meeting Spaces Booking an apartment comes with another benefit, you can

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