AIRBNB : The Superior Alternative

The advancement in real estate both internationally and in Kenya has made the Airbnb market grow from something very small to an industry that is now thriving. In recent times we have witnessed hotels going at a loss especially when the covid-19 virus became a global pandemic.

It is now evident that most people travelling to different cities or countries whether for business, pleasure or leisure they are turning to airbnbs for accommodation unlike old times when they used to book hotels for their stay.

The emergence of Airbnb has brought about an added advantage over staying at hotels because:

1. It’s a home away from home
2. Privacy, this is the most important factor that people look out for when booking accommodation, people don’t want to feel as though they are being watched
3. You can travel as a group and instead of choosing different hotel rooms you have the option of staying together in one central place
4. You can choose to make your own food instead of ordering out or eating at a hotel
5. You get to interact as a group or as a family
6. It is quite affordable as opposed to hotels

This simply means that the hotel and hospitality industry is hanging on a cliff with the rise of different airbnbs coming up in different locations at affordable rates and prices

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