The new trend in booking your Holiday accommodation.

Travelling can be a bit expensive and also tedious especially when you have a family. Hotels on the other hand are quite expensive when it comes to accommodation as well as meals. This is why at Utopia Holiday Homes we have come up with the best for the best. We have a wide array of homes situated in the best neighborhoods in Nairobi and Mombasa. This is why you should choose Utopia Holiday Homes:

1. Affordability

When planning a holiday we always have to factor in the budget and at Utopia we have different kinds of holiday homes, from 2, 3 and 4 bedroom units which is ideal and suitable for family and friends. At Utopia Holiday Homes, we also provide you with an ideal home that has all the facilities, it is now easier to feel at home with home made meals while on holiday.

2. Privacy

Hotels can be a bit invasive at times especially on days that you just want to sleep in and relax, this is where we come in, with Utopia Holiday Homes you can get to relax and sleep in without the hustle of housekeeping knocking at your door. Your children also get a place to play and run around with ample space provided with the homes we have.

3. Security

All our homes at Utopia Holiday Homes are located in the best neighborhoods and we guarantee our clients safety while enjoying their vacation with us.

4. Comfort

With our focus being in Mombasa, you get to enjoy views of the beach right by your balcony. All our homes are furnished with modern finishing to ensure you get to fully relax and feel right at home. We understand that the heat in the coastal region can be quite frustrating and this is why we have installed Air Conditioning around the house. Now get to enjoy your next holiday with us and we will be more than happy to serve you.

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