Misconceptions about furnished apartments

Leasing a furnished and serviced apartment is the best choice, because it makes moving convenient and it covers all your basic needs of furniture and housekeeping services. Not only will moving be very easy it will also save you money and also the freedom to rearrange and decorate the apartment as you wish, At Utopia Holiday Homes we give our new long-term clients the privilege to select an interior decoration theme and style from our existing special list of themes and style. However, there are misconceptions about furnished and serviced homes, for example;

i.The quality of furniture may not be as excellent.

Furniture quality issues are not common with furnished apartments. The apartments are managed by companies which have the resources to purchase good furniture that you may never afford to purchase in your life, most of these companies are in partnerships with the local leading furniture stores due to their frequent demand of furniture that allows them to get the best quality furniture at discounted rates. These management companies have absolutely no reason to invest in low-quality furniture because discounted rates at furniture showrooms and prices of a local fundi are almost similar, Utopia holiday homes value quality furniture because not only is it durable but it gives the apartment a distinctive look from a regular home.

ii. Its Costlier.

Furnishing an apartment will cost you a lot of time and money especially if you don’t have the experience to go about it, also hiring an interior designer is quite pricey too. Furnishing a 2bedroomed apartment in Kenya will cost you 8,000 USD minimum, leave alone the waiting period for furniture to be delivered you also have to start looking for buyers to purchase your furniture should you want to travel and work in a different country or travel back to your parent country. If you don’t have furniture and it’s too expensive to purchase, then you should consider the option of furnished apartments. Also, housekeeping services are inclusive in the rent you pay. In reality you do save time and money.

iii. You are responsible for any damages.

You must be very careful with the furniture while staying in serviced apartments. If you damage or break any furniture of a furnished apartment then you have to pay for it when you move out of the apartment, this is true but what makes this a misconception is the fact that you must be very careful with the furniture while staying in an apartment that you have furnished on your own. If you damage or break furniture at your apartment don’t you replace it with a new one? It’s not any different from an apartment that you furnished by yourself.

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