Apartment Living Tips

Going on an extended stay for your holiday can be daunting. At utopia holiday home we make it easier for your business or leisure stay at our apartments easier, take a look at our tips to make sure you’re prepared.

1. Pack light

If your stay is longer than a standard vacation, worry not about what to pack, because at serviced apartments you will not only enjoy a fully equipped kitchen (including a cooker, microwave, and fridge) but also enjoy the benefit of a regular laundry and ironing service at any time. So you only need to pack clothes that you think you will wear for both wet and dry weather conditions.

2.Explore the area

Being on a different destination for your vacation, do not lock yourself in the apartments, seek out and visit the nearby museums and galleries. For an extended stay, you may find that an awesome local cafe or delicatessen is more important. Therefore make the most of the local knowledge and your apartment assistant can also help you explore more areas for everyday treats

3.Keep fit

Maintaining your fitness is important to your wellbeing for an extended stay in an apartment. If you are used to regular exercise, you will want to enroll in a short term gym membership or a rundown of the best places to go for a run or daily walk. Therefore ask your apartment assistant to advice on this, but also do not limit yourself to the air-conditioned gym cause the apartment as well have a very big space and a balcony for all your simple exercise needs.


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