Why Choose our Apartments

Serviced apartments are fully furnished establishments that provide hotel-like resources such as housekeeping, room service, fitness centers, swimming pools and restaurants. They also have home comforts such as a personal kitchenette, a living room, a bedroom and a dining room. The reasons for choosing a services apartment include:

Home Feel

serviced apartments, unlike regular hotel rooms, have a close resemblance to apartment-style living and are, therefore, preferred by guests who want a homely feel or who travel as families for their holidays.


Guests are choosing to stay at serviced apartments because they are less expensive compared to hotel rooms which have a higher price per night.

Spacious Rooms

Serviced apartments often have bigger room sizes than hotels, thus making it easy to accommodate a family, and a pleasure to cook your favorite meals.


Serviced apartments gives you the chance to have your private life, as you get to interact with your family members only, and can hold your meetings and have fun all together.

Utility Service

Most serviced apartments come with fully furnished equipment that you may need, this includes internet and air conditioner/fan, therefore, you will not spend most of your time looking for them to be installed.

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